About Scott Abbey

Meet “The Sole Man”, a.k.a. Scott Abbey

Masters of Education in Sports Medicine
National Athletic Trainer’s  Association (NATA) certified athletic trainer, Retired

Scott brings a multi discipline experience to the care of injured people.  He has managed the care of injured athletes at the amateur, college, Olympic, and professional level.  Scott served as the head athletic trainer at Merrimack College for over 20 years.  He was a professor in Merrimack’s Sports Medicine curriculum.  Scott has been active in the development of functional strength programs for many elite college and professional ice hockey players.  Previously Scott served 14 terms on the USA Hockey Safety & Protective Equipment Committee (SPEC).  He was a member of the Hockey Equipment Certification Committee (HECC) and the ASTM ice hockey section.

Scott was one of the founders of the College Hockey Athletic Trainer’s Society and a charter member in the formation of the Athletic Trainers of Massachusetts (ATOM).

Scott has been involved in medical coverage for events such as:

  • The Boston Marathon
  • The New England Triathlon Championship
  • New England Rugby Tournament
  • World Junior Hockey Championship
  • US National Sled Hockey Team

Currently, Scott serves as Chairman of the Playing Equipment Task force for the International Paralympic Committee for Sled Hockey.  A native of New England, Scott resides in Scottsdale, AZ with his wife Linda.  He has lived and worked in the valley for over a decade serving clients’ needs for braces and orthotics.  The Sole Man, LLC is solely owned and operated by Scott and his wife.  It represents Scott’s unique expertise, philosophy and experience.
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