Guiding Your Footwear Selection

Looking for the right shoes?

The Sole Man can help guide your footwear selection. As part of our biomechanical analysis, we can assess your footwear needs. This is done at no charge and whether you need orthotics or not.

Some shoe stores that make orthotics promote the idea that you also have to buy a “special” shoe from them for the orthotics to work properly.  The truth is that if the orthotic is designed correctly to have your foot function in neutral motion patterns, a stability or motion control shoe will then force your foot out of neutral. This starts another excessive motion pattern that will create another overuse injury in the future.  The injury appears far enough out in time that the client does not relate it to the shoe change. The client accepts the over-correction initially because the change in stress patterns provides a sense of relief.  Knee and hip osteoarthritis can be attributed to both over-correction and under-correction.  Recent studies show a correlation between motion control shoes and lifelong runners who have needed hip replacement surgery.

Remember, the foot is every bit as complex as the hand, and correction must be done at the site of the deviation, not indirectly in another area with a different range of motion. That creates two bad motion patterns! We work with leading shoe and running stores that understand this concept and can provide you with the best possible fit for your situation.

Assisting our clients with proper footwear selection is an important part of our service!
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