Orthotic Philosophy

We have all heard the terms “accommodative and corrective” foot orthotics.  Here at The Sole Man, our goal is to fabricate orthotics that correct function, not static positioning.  The foot is a complex structure, made up of many bones and joints with movement in multiple planes.  Classifying a foot as in pronation or in supination is too simplistic.  And let’s consider symmetry.  Differences from right to left can create functional leg length discrepancies leading to many knee, hip, and back issues.  A simple lift will not correct these functional differences, therefore symptoms will return.

The problem with most orthotic devices is that they are statically fit, and statically corrected.  At The Sole Man, we evaluate our clients dynamically.  Gait is only part of our observation.  Clients are also observed in multiple motion patterns that isolate on the function of a particular part of the foot.  Molding is still static; however, all corrections are based on functional problems demonstrated during the dynamic evaluation.  This allows for tissue remodeling along corrected patterns.

The Sole Man is committed to fabricating our foot orthotics out of semi-rigid materials.  Rigid materials create a splint, and splinting creates atrophy.  For correction and remodeling, motion must be corrected to neutral motion patterns.

Evaluations, molding, orthotic fabrication, fittings, and subsequent adjustments are all done on-site at our Phoenix location.  This allows us to provide quick turn-around times and avoid problems with third-party fabrication.  Most orders are complete within 2 business days!
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